Front End Developer

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs
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I'm Mike

A self-taught Web Developer with a growing portfolio.

The Web has always been my passion and I live for the opportunity to work with people who share the same love for the internet and technology.

I currently have a great understanding of HTML and CSS/SCSS, and an increasing level of Javascript. I have recently started working with the basics of ReactJS.

My knowledge comes from resources such as FreeCodeCamp, CodeAcademy, Wes Bos' Tutorials, Udemy, Sololearn and, where I've built strong knowledge of the latest industry standards and best practices.

My Skills

I write clean, readable mark-up with HTML5
I make things look pretty with CSS3
I stay organised with SASS
I put the 'fun' in function with Javascript
I know some back-end with NodeJS
I understand version-control with GIT


Exotic Explorers - Animal Experiences

HTML, SCSS, CSS Grid, Javascript

Fully responsive website, designed and developed entirely by myself. On this project I tried out some newly learnt UI designs, including the Flex-Service-Gallery, Testimonial Cards and some Background-Image Tricks.

Formspree used for form and Photoswipe for image galleries.

On this particular project, there was a strong focus on SEO to boost the company's Search rankings.

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Pure Pet Passion - Pet Services

HTML, SCSS, CSS Grid, Javascript & jQuery

Fully responsive website, created for a local business. This website has multiple pages and lots of content. The business owner had the majority of the design input.

Formspree used for form and Photorama for image gallery.

UI overhaul in progress whereby I also intend to phase out jQuery in favour of vanilla JS.

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Local Weather App

HTML, CSS, Javascript, OpenWeatherMap API

Created as part of the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, this local weather application uses Geolocation and the OpenWeatherMap API to detect location and respond with some current weather information.

A future update will add functionality to manually input any location.

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UnSplash Photo Generator

HTML, Semantic UI, CSS-Grid, AXIOS, ReactJS

This was my first real project using the ReactJS library.

Using the Unsplash image database API, with the help of AXIOS, this app will generate images based on your search term, with a "see more" function to load more images.

I also experimented with a CSS colour-changing gradient background colour which turned out nicely!

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Carpentry Website

HTML, CSS Grid and Javascript

Website created for a local carpentry business.

For this site, I experimented with a new responsive gallery and some different background styles.

Unfortunately the business no longer operates so website is not live, so information has been changed for privacy reasons.

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RGB Colour Game

HTML, CSS and Javascript

A simple colour game made with the help of a Udemy tutorial from Colt Steele.

It has proven to be a great way to learn the RGB colour codes too!

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GitHub Profile Finder

HTML, CSS Bootstrap, AJAX and Javascript

Searches user profiles and displays profile info and the latest repositories.

Made with the help of a Brad Traversy tutorial.

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